ur extremely lucky if u get what u want a few times a year

One of the cool things about Spaces is you can blog from a webtv.  I know, and LiveJournal kinda works that way, but so did the original Journalspace.  Really well.  I left no topic unsung. 

Then came the Obama.  Rest assured, the only diversity tolerated is the kind that agrees with whatever they say.  Or think, because they can’t always say what they think.  So I started deleting particular kinds of entries. 

But they had other internal problems at Journalspace.  They had a disgruntled employee.  One night the employee overwrote everything that everyone had posted since the beginning.  Six years of data was suddenly gone; pictures, stories, games, videos, comments, music, people, all gone.  And a great Oy arose from the bloggers who suddenly could not find their blogs. 

I said Oy too, but I only lost 3 years’ worth.  But the stuff I would have deleted was suddenly deleted for me all at once.  I merrily stepped out into a pristine virtual nothingness, like logging into an unfamiliar chat room and discovering you’re the only one there.  I mean, what’s the point of that?

What got me started at Journalspace really was Queen of Sky.  I found a news link to a story about a flight attendant who had been FIRED due to the content of her blog on Journalspace.  She wrote about everything, posted a few pictures of herself in uniform draped across a row of seats in an empty aircraft, and voila she got fired over it.

While some Journalspace bloggers posted entries about everything, the lesson of Queen of Sky was clear:  if you hope to stay employed, never ever blog about your job.  So that’s really one of the cardinal Codes of Conduct, and I haven’t seen anything to indicate Spaces would represent you in a labor case blah blah blah



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