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Remember the Time? BET Michael weekend

Saturday being my day to water, I’m home, and I found out that this is Forever Michael Weekend on BET the black entertainment channel.  I swear it was an accident, because I have cheep cable, and BET is out there around … Continue reading

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ABC News asks this question

In the wake of the Obamas’ visit to Yellowstone, ABC News asks why so few of the visitors to our National Parks are, in fact, African-American.  They traveled to Yosemite to find the only African-American park ranger in the system … Continue reading

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a quick thought about woodstock

Because that’s what it was, entertainment.  It was a huge party.  It was monstrous and awesome.  Sure, smaller events had taken place and always will, but this was really huge.  A lot of hype went into it, too.  But it … Continue reading

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nice graphic

is worth 1000 words.

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mysterious things

Monday morning, up at 4, watering in compliance with the water nazi ordinance.  Fed my cats.  Not interested in other cats hollering out back, horny, fighting, whatever it is.  It is for that purpose that I acquired a Daisy 6mm … Continue reading

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Some Tires: LT215/75R15

The ’91 is in fact 19 years old and I am the original owner.  It came from the factory with Michelin LT215/75R15 in Load Range D, which means 8 plies of steel in the tread.  That’s a lot of steel.  … Continue reading

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I bought a refurbished Dell GX260 from Heartland.  It arrived Wednesday.  I had to go to Fry’s Thursday and you know how that goes.  I spent a small fortune even though I only went there for a VGA monitor cable.  … Continue reading

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