Laura Ling, Euna Lee, and the President

Former president Bill Clinton is in North Korea right now.  He is rumored to be seeking the release of US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who work for… Algore. 

Ling and Lee were investigating other reports of human trafficking in the vicinity of the North Korean-Chinese border.  National Review Online has full reports on that situation.  They typical story goes like this.

Say you’re a North Korean man, and you’re fed up with the daily tyranny that goes on there, so you speak out, and someone reports you to the authorities.  You are arrested and sent to prison.  It is assumed that your family has also heard you speak out this way, so the next step is they arrest everyone in your family.  The result of all this too-much-government is that there are a lot of North Korean women who think they’d be better off somewhere else.  Some of them head for the Chinese border.

Once they are in the vicinity of the Chinese border, they are captured and sold to Chinese men as wives, concubines, sex slaves, and what have you.  If a Chinese man becomes dissatisfied with his North Korean woman, he simply sells her to another Chinese man.  These North Korean women do not receive the best of treatment under these conditions.  Being resold is hardly the most unfortunate outcome.

This is the story that Ling and Lee were researching at the time they were arrested.  They were tried and found guilty of crimes against the North Korean people and sentenced to what?  Twelve years in a North Korean work prison camp, after which it assumed they would not feel terribly sexy.

But here’s Bill Clinton to the rescue (I joke here):

“Hi boys, long time no see.  Ha ha.  I got your Pyong Yang right here.  Ha ha.

“I’ll tell you what.  Why don’t you let those two journalists come home with me?  And in return, I will buy THREE of your North Korean women, spend a couple nights, get to know them, and then when I go home, I’ll leave them here with you.  I’m sure you’ll take good care of them.  Ha ha.”

Stranger deals have been negotiated.


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