fortune cookie fortune

Here’s the fortune cookie fortune from Saturday.

"Your business will assume vast proportions."

You always think that means, buy a lottery ticket.  My business is already vast.  I have no idea how it’s supposed to sustain itself, pay for itself, or why I get paid at all. 

Sure enough, Bill Clinton was successful in North Korea.  We will never know why. 

I found Melody’s Facebook.  I had to sign up and as soon as I did, somehow, Facebook came up with names of people I have met on line and said, hey, here’s some people you already know who have Facebook accounts.  I’m like, how did they do that?  Ohh, there’s privacy issues with this. 

So I clicked on all of them and one sent me a message asking, do I know you?  Hahahaha.  I tried to reply.  The webtv interface just didn’t get past the Send Soandso a Message button.  Darkness prevails.  This may not last, but I imagine my presence there can not be erased either. 


I’d like to mention the Katy Perry video Hot N Cold.  Back in the early days of MTV around 1980, when rock videos were new, it seemed that the whole point was to visually tell a story and blow you back in your chair.  Hot N Cold does that.  It’s really well done, as they go, and I’m happy to see there’s one tradition that hasn’t lost its sting. 

As for the cash for clunkers program, which is going to cost us in taxes very soon:  if you trade in a car that’s paid for, and you get $4000, and you buy a new one… the new one is going to cost more than $4000, isn’t it?  You’re going to have a CAR PAYMENT when you could have kept the clunker registered and on the road for free.  How is that a good deal? 

I’ll leave you with that.  It’s time for wurk.


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