I bought a refurbished Dell GX260 from Heartland.  It arrived Wednesday.  I had to go to Fry’s Thursday and you know how that goes.  I spent a small fortune even though I only went there for a VGA monitor cable. 

So far, the monitor is wurkin, and the new Logitech trackball thing, and I even loaded my favorite camera software.  However, there are modem issues.  I called tech support and they are sending me a modem and a driver.

It has what appears to be a modem but so far it hasn’t dialed.  This sux but I’m over it because there were so many other things to do.  Like, sending some bath towels to the moon girl.  And erecting this portable gazebo thing.  And cleaning up some wheels. 

Wheels get gross, filthy, and caked with all brownish blackish stuff.  I figure if I want new tires, I should clean up the wheels so the guy at Les Schwab doesn’t barf when he sees them.  I like to use Meguiar’s All Wheel in the purple bottle, whatever it’s called where you live.  It contains a mild acid and you can smell it. 

I just take a wheel off and roll it back to the gazebo, and get busy with the Meguiar’s, both inside and out.  The inside is usually really filthy.  That’s where they have to put the weights.  So far three applications of the Meguiar’s with a scrub brush seems to help a lot. 

I’m also scrubbing down the lugs with WD40 and a wire toothbrush, wiping them off, and applying some Napa Sil-Glyde to the threads with a real toothbrush.  It’s a silicone grease that comes in a tube.  It’s very sexy.  See, you can’t pay someone to take the time to do all this.  You have to make the time to do it yourself if you give a s#*! about your wheels. 

The guys you pay, some of them couldn’t care less.  Like the one at this shop I will not name, but they are still in business, and they have a Five Star rating from their own corporation which was bailed out by Obama.  They said they would check the brake pads, among other things.  Then afterward they said they could not remove this one lug nut because they feared it might break the lug.  As if it were too tight or something. 

Well, I finally took that lug nut off yesterday and they stripped it when they were putting it back on.  These idiots with the impact wrenches can really make your day.  I know it was them because no one else has touched this truck.  The threads inside the nut are a total loss and the lug itself is missing a couple threads at the end.  I may be able to cure it with a file, though I am tempted to figure out how to replace it.  I already have to find a replacement nut. 

So I salute the goof who did this because the Code of Conduct says I can’t be obscene.  Meanwhile if you soak your lug nuts in dish soap water for a while you can scrub the black crud buildup off them easily with a steel wire toothbrush and make them shiny again.  And you can’t pay anyone to do that either. 


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