Some Tires: LT215/75R15

The ’91 is in fact 19 years old and I am the original owner.  It came from the factory with Michelin LT215/75R15 in Load Range D, which means 8 plies of steel in the tread.  That’s a lot of steel.  Over time, Michelin stopped making them because they learned that no one except crazies like me was willing to pay for them.  In that size.

So whenever it was, I got a set of LTX in Load Range C.  That’s six plies of steel and close enough to the original spec. 

Treadwear on a Michelin LTX is the best, however I do not put all my miles on the ’91.  Also these are tough times economically, so I’m told.  A new set of LTX is about $250 per tire, and the same is true of the fabled Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor with the Kevlar inside that all my friends are putting on their Suburbans and Durangos and F250s. 

I want the LT rating for whenever I actually load sacks of concrete and lumber and what not in the ’91.  It’s supposed to hold 750 lbs. of whatever stuff somebody wants to haul to the dump or whatever.  I am not interested in taking chances with a passenger tire.  In truth, the heaviest part of the ’91 is the 318 cubic inch V8 engine, and that alone begs for a stronger tire. 

But is the right answer a Uniroyal Laredo?  Compare to an LTX.

Both are Load Range C.  Both have Outline Raised White Letters.  Both fit the same rim width.  "Service description" for the Laredo is 100/97Q and the LTX is 100/97R.  Whatever that is, it looks really close. 

Here’s one.  "Section width on measuring rim width."  The Laredo is 8.5 inches on a 6 inch width, and the LTX is 8.7 on a 6.  So the LTX is 0.2 inches wider.  Wow.  I am really going to miss that 0.2 inches.  Wouldn’t you? 

Overall diameter is a biggie.  Whenever I think about going bigger, I look at the front wheel well and wonder where it’s going to rub.  The LTX is 27.7 inches and the Laredo is 27.6. 

Tread depth on the LTX is 13/32.  On the Laredo it’s 14.5/32.  A little more tread on the Laredo.

Revolutions per mile at 45 miles per hour.  On the LTX it’s 755 revolutions per mile, and on the LTX it’s 754.  Look, Holmes, it’s the same tire.  The extra revolution on the LTX is because the overall diameter is 0.1 inches more. 

Maximum load for both is 1765 lbs. if the tire is inflated to 50 psi.  It’s the same tire. 

Four new LTX is about $1000.  Four new Uniroyal Laredo, if it’s like $800, that’s good.  It’s so close to the original equipment.  I gotta make a phone call. 


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