a quick thought about woodstock

Because that’s what it was, entertainment.  It was a huge party.  It was monstrous and awesome.  Sure, smaller events had taken place and always will, but this was really huge.  A lot of hype went into it, too.  But it was huge.  You can’t deny that. 

What is disturbing is that New York had a US senator that sponsored a bill to spend one million dollars on a memorial to Woodstock.  That is just wrong.  I don’t care what Woodstock did to your head, or what you think Woodstock did to “consciousness,” because all it was was a huge party.  You don’t need government to build a memorial to half a million people taking acid.  That’s just BS.

That senator is now the secretary of state.  Be very concerned.  Where we might think it’s more appropriate to spend a million dollars on a memorial to veterans of a war, this individual wanted to build a memorial to a really big rock show.

Update from the future:  that secretary of state resigned in the wake of the Benghazi massacre and is now looking at running for PRESIDENT in 2016.  Some people forget.  Some people never learn.


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