ABC News asks this question

In the wake of the Obamas’ visit to Yellowstone, ABC News asks why so few of the visitors to our National Parks are, in fact, African-American.  They traveled to Yosemite to find the only African-American park ranger in the system to ask him what he thinks. 

Ranger Johnson says it’s because of slavery.  The unpleasantness of servitude in constant contact with nature created a disconnect between the African-Americans and the great outdoors.  Johnson says if Oprah and Snoop Dogg would go camping, that would change.

I always figured it went further back, to a deeply-rooted fear of being eaten by a large furry creature not terribly different from a bear or a mountain lion.  I still find stories about hikers who are dismembered by bears and mountain lions.

ABC News is also asking the question, would you want to eat dinner in the same restaurant with an armed concealed carry permit holder?

If it’s concealed, how are you going to know?  ABC News sure asks a lot of dumb questions.


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