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  • OK, now I see that for a couple of days, all my msn mail has showed up here in this web based windows live hotmail but none of it has showed up in my real msn mail.

    So I look and there’s a yellow triangle by my real msn mail inbox.  It tells me I can not send or receive e-mail because that has been stopped by way of the "parental controls."

    Come on, guys.  I never would have enabled parental controls.  Something else did this. 

    Perhaps you are also having this problem.  I’m running msn9 dialup and I see there’s a 9.5 that might fix the problem.  I mean excuse me, something in msn created the problem but installing 9.5 might fix it, so I sent away for the CD.  I also spent a while listening to the msn machine babe on the phone trying to prompt me through my crisis.  Most of the time I was not paying attention so I finally hung up twice. 

    I also sent an e-mail to tech support from their page, asking about the problem.  Mainly I want my old e-mail inbox back and working so I can save some of what I’m getting on my own computer.  This Windows Live Hotmail don’t quite do that.  But at least it lets me know what I’m missing.   


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