further update again

So while I was panicking, I downloaded Internet Explorer 8.  It took all night.  This morning it was still dowloading when I went to the laundrymat.  Yes, I’m on dialup.  I’m getting that no one else is. 
But that’s not true, because msn has released version 9.6 of the dialup software.  I did get an e-mail from tech support explaining a lot of things.  Allan at tech support says that on September 1, they did a big changeover, and if we’re still using msn9, that’s what the problem is. 
Strange that the changeover would render my inbox unable to send or receive mail, telling me it had been shut down from the parental controls.  But Allan is certain that if I only install msn9.6 all my problems will be solved.
I have his detailed instructions, which includes how to save your favorites so they don’t get lost, along with saving any e-mails you might have in any folders on your computer so they don’t get lost either.  After that, you download the 9.6 and install it and then put the favorites and e-mails back where they came from. 
So I’m gonna do that.  I can’t tell you how long this machine has been on.  Please don’t report me to Obama’s secret green police, and the Code of Conduct says I can’t tell you why.

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