shake the glitter?

I think I found my way back to last summer.  I was hoping to go back to the beginning of time and start there.  I know going back one page at a time on dialup is wery time-consuming. 
One of the things I picked up on is that she’s crazy/eccentric/an "artist" so there’s no point in discussing things like Obama.  Any conversation might begin with pictures of my old kitty cat. 
I bet a lot of guys have a thing like this.  I know how I used to do it.  I never got my own domain name, because I’m nobody.  This might be a good example of how it should be done.  It looks really familiar, but the topic… oh, the topic…
This is so I can come back to it later and see how much further back it goes.  But y’all are welcome to take a peek.  It’s public domain by now I guess, and it doesn’t violate the TOS like my old blog would have. 

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