monday mornin

Yes, I’m awake.  I got up to water at 4.

Sometimes I think the most important thing I do is water the lawn.  I only go to wurk so I can pay the water bill.

At wurk there are a few delightful people who are always looking out for my best interest.  Haha.  With such personnel to look forward to, I might have a real hard time just getting out of bed in the morning.

But I do, because that’s when I can water.  And since I’m up, I may as well do the rest of it.  Then later I can water some more. 

I didn’t watch the emmys.  Theres this dumb show called the office.  I watched it once.  It was enough to let me know I don’t need to watch it, because I already get it without turning on the TV.

Some people think Dilbert is funny, like a joke.  I think it’s symptomatic of some other great cultural undoing.  By now, so does Scott Adams, but if you tell him so, he might use it for material. 

More coffee?


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