social studies

I can’t see.  Some kinda font some size.  Puckin can’t even find my mail. 

I have been devoting much time to the study of this phenomenon, this meteoric career and product and process.  My main resource is (stop laughing) Katy Perry’s blog, which I guess she started a year and a half ago, right about the time they finished recording the album.  Since then it’s all been about touring and promoting the album.  It’s lots of fun.  It’s kept her busy. 

Before I get too lost in the details, let me make one thing perfectly clear.  What she does is a valid art form and she does it extremely well.  The packaging, the content, the messages, the twittering, the music… what first got me hooked was the Hot N Cold video.  Way back when MTV was new, I said this, the idea was to tell a story, not necessarily with clear imagery because some things you might only dream wouldn’t make sense to the casual observer.  But if they patch all this imagery into a video, I mean, you might laugh, you might sit there with your mouth wide open wondering wtf and omg.  I’ve said enough about Hot N Cold but I can only say it again.  It’s proof that the industry is alive and well and turning out good stuff, and fortunately they had something good to work with (the song) and fortunately she had people who knew how to package it, and her, and send it up for the rest of us. 

Listening I am reminded of Alanis Morissette.  I’m glad Katy don’t screech like Alanis because that can really get on  your nerves fast.  Back in the 90s I remember my sisteh just loved Alanis.  She’d play that jagged little pill stuff so loud we got fed up and walked out for some ice cream.  We’re out there in the street just staring at the house, all this screeching coming out.  You could hear Alanis halfway down the block as we’re wondering what the hell could be done about my sisteh.  Well, here’s what you do:  you pull the plug.  We don’t want nobody pullin’ the plug on Katy just yet.  What’s tragic is that some people already have, but it’s still rolling forward I think. 

oompgh  Well, you know, one of the ways to really annoy someone is to tell them they’re so gay.  There’s a lot broader stuff being covered there but in these times when we all have so much to pick from, to focus our attentions and adorations on, THAT might not figure into it.  Never mind that Madonna liked the song.  In a way it’s funny, but in another way, it’s the reason they invented headphones.  I’m still studying all this.  Most of it’s really good, really well done, I guess all of it is, it’s just a matter of taste.  Like she should know the Christians won’t want their daughters kissing girls and saying they liked it, so there’s an obstacle that may never be overcome. 

Still meteoric.  O ya it’s hot.  Sure places it can’t catch on is maybe where they listen to country instead.  But… Katy country?  Do you dare? 


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