Hell Freezes Over

That’s the name of the Eagles CD I’m playing.  I’m fixin’ to load Eddie Higgins in Chicago into my Pizzo (=iPod).  Ya know I like good jazz piano and he’s a national treasure.  He’s been recording and performing for decades.  He’s just a skinny little old white guy but he’s so gifted, has done so much, has played so many places with so many people… 
Eddie Higgins is a better candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize than Barack Hussein Obama, by far, because Obama HASNT DONE ANYTHING other than to fool a bunch of people into thinking about Hope and Change. 
But tonight, I want to rag on Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Some of you know in my free time I’m a closet gun rights activist.  Our fine legislature keeps coming up with bills to jerk us around, every year.  This year they landed two on Arnold’s desk.  One was to forever prohibit gun shows at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and the other was to create a DOJ tracking bureaucracy for all the ammunition that’s legally sold in California.  The burden for this tracking falls squarely on the shoulders of all our friends who sell ammunition, of course.  They intend for our friends to fingerprint their customers whenever they buy any.  Not like it’s any skin off me, but it’s a monster hassle for my friends, and Congress blew off a similar idea twenty years ago because it didn’t do anything to solve crimes.  You see, we’re not criminals. 
I found a fine e-mail that Arnold sent me a few years ago about a similar bill that crossed his desk.  He vetoed it, and in his e-mail he explained why.  I was thinking maybe he’d do it again.
Nope.  He vetoed the Cow Palace thing, but he signed off on the ammunition bill. 
Not only that, but he also signed off on Harvey Milk day, while a quarter of a million state employees were supposed to report to work on Columbus Day.  Who is Harvey Milk, you ask, and I suspect over the next few weeks people will discover just how much of a deviant he was.  He was a gay gay rights activist.  Much more relevant than Christopher Columbus. 
I think Arnold should just stand up and admit a few things. 
"You know, I’m not really a Republican.  I’m a fiscally conservative Hollywood Democrat with a great love of Kalifornia and Europe.  When I see all those bills on my desk, I get so angry and confused.  Sometimes I just flip a coin." 
Well I’m a runnin down the road tryna loosen my load I got seven women on my mind  (that oughtta loosen your load)  Oh well, back to the Pizzo and the mail. 

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