Move Over, Kitty Purry

I keep bragging about my cat.  My kitty is beautiful, my kitty is 20 years old, my kitty was born in my bedroom closet, my kitty has the softest fur of any kitty I ever seen, I married my kitty, and all this.  I know half of you think I’m crazy when I get all fired up about my kitty. 
This is my kitty.
Her mummy was black and white.  One of her brothers was all black, and the other was black and white, and her two sisters were also the blue-eyed seal point, but not as good as this.  This kitty has outlived all her brothers and sisters and her mummy.  In cat years, this kitty is 140+ years old.  She’s my little Yoda. 
She gets whatever she wants, too.  I do everything the little puss tells me to do.  Every day is a miracle. 
Now you might think I’m a little odd for posting naked pictures of my kitty on the internet, but we’ve seen lots of pictures of other peoples’ kitties and most of them aren’t that much to look at.  We just yawn and wonder why they bother. 
Just lookit my kitty. 
At my house we do the internet from the sofa.  My kitty sometimes sits and waits for me to get rid of the keyboard because she wants to get in my lap.  All her life my kitty has known nothing but her daddy’s love.  You don’t want to keep a kitty like this waiting for very long.  That’s just wrong. 

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