Not Draining Well Enough?

Where I live, we don’t have sidewalks.  We have ditches.  We used to have ditches on both sides of the street, with culverts running under everybody’s driveways.  It’s almost country.  Whenever it rains, the water flows down the ditches and through the culverts to wherever the system carries it. 
A few years ago, the county decided that the ditch on the south side of the street needed to be replaced with a pipe.  They installed a pipe the whole length of the street and covered it up, effectively removing the entire ditch on the south side of the street.  Us northerners still have our ditch and it works great. 
The people on the south side of the street began complaining that when it rains, the water pools up in their yards and driveways.  It can’t get to the ditch like it used to, because their ditch is gone.  So today, the county is out there doing everybody a big favor with another construction crew.  THEY ARE DIGGING A SHALLOW DITCH ABOVE AND ALONG THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE PIPE THEY INSTALLED A FEW YEARS AGO to carry the water that used to just go into the normal ditch.  The project engineer’s name is third-world. 
My 20-year-old cat has a similar problem.  Friday at the vet we tested her blood, urine, poop, and everything, and there’s nothing wrong with the cat, OTHER THAN THAT HER ANAL GLANDS WERE REALLY FULL.  The pressure from that made it difficult for her to pee. 
The usual symptom is that the cat has difficulty in the litter box, fighting to poop, thrashing around, sometimes vomits from the effort, and sometimes just puts her front feet in the litter box and pees.  You may ask where the pee goes when she does that.  Until recently it puddles on the floor and seeps under the litter box, which is not so good for the linoleum or the concrete.  I devised a tray from the bottom tray of a Dogloo and put the litter box on the tray, so for now the linoleum is safe.
After I did all that, we went to the vet on Friday, they discovered what they discovered, and she was fine after they evacuated her anal glands.  This state of well-being only lasted 72 hours.  The vet advised a warm water compress on the cat’s butt, which I’ve done.  I also have the cat eating canned pumpkin.  My kitty eats punkins.  I’ve also been giving the cat one cod liver oil gelcap every morning for about two weeks now. 
After this blessed 72 hours she was right back to thrashing in the box, barfing, and she was so exhausted from that, she climbed up into "the chair" and crashed, still not having peed yet.  After everything relaxed she peed and soaked the chair.
This seems to mean that the cat can’t be normal unless she gets her anal glands evacuated every 3 days.  The immediate answer involves absolutely no living room furniture when she’s experiencing this problem, so I’m setting her up in the back room with Dogloo tray, litter box, Fancy Feast, and punkins.  The boy kitties who usually inhabit the back room are now free to wander the kitchen and living room with their own devices.  The vet?  I’m still deciding whether to make that phone call or not. 
After all, we know something about anal glands filling up.  There’s nothing wrong with my cat except for THAT.  I yi yi

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