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I’m not sure where you live, but in Sacramento County we have http://www.sparetheair.com/burncheck.cfm which I know by heart, since one of my hobbies is burning wood for heat, cooking, and what not.  From November through February we have to check this website to see what the clean air experts have to say about particulate matter for today and tomorrow.  I call ’em the Stove Nazis.
Today the Stove Nazis have declared a No Burn day.  The only way you can burn today is if you have no other source of heat.  The sun being as warm as it is right now, personnel indulging in the burn for any reason are subject to a $50 fine, for a first offense.  As I recall.
The other tidbit is that the U. S. Mint no longer has the ability to produce one-ounce Gold Eagle coins to keep up with the demand.  The demand has gone up some 800% lately.  Earlier this year they stopped producing smaller denominations and now you can’t get the big ones.  Gold hit $1200 an ounce yesterday I heard. 
This doesn’t mean the Mint is out of gold.  They just can’t produce the coins fast enough. 

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