Let’s Be Polite About These Liars

I was just watching my Christmas tree on my webcam.  The tree is outside.  No trees in the house.  It’s in the ground.  But I strung 150 lights on it, and I think it needs 50 more. 
I have crazy neighbors who used to peek in the windows until I hung these really cool heavy curtains I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  But now I can’t see the tree.  So, I put the webcam on it, and it really screwed up all my PC display settings. 
Well, here’s a cartoon. 
I would like to party with the hackers who downloaded all those megabytes of e-mails between the global warming fabricating scientists.  I mean, hacking is bad, but fabricating a story about how the end of the world is coming, when it’s not, and that it’s all our fault, when it’s not, so that the same evil politicians who created the mortgage crisis that led to the worst bear market of our lifetimes, and who are fixing to do the same thing with the health insurance companies of America, can legislate away our God-given electricity in the name of …
Look.  These people are interested in one thing.  No you’re not sitting on it.  It’s power.  The power to screw up our lives by making us pay for things that aren’t mistakes and aren’t our fault.  These people are called… U. S. Senators by and large, and Democrats exclusively. 
So while hacking may be bad, that other stuff that they won’t even tell you about on the news, because THEY think you deserve it too, well, that’s worse.  K now I’m going back to my Christmas tree webcam. 

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