Urrything U Need 2 Know About Copenhagen

Well, maybe not urrything, because Denmark has been there a long time.  I can’t fit a thousand years of Danish history or pastries into a blog entry. 
The 192 nations represented at the global warming summit in Copenhagen are getting warmed up.  Earlier some of the good people of Denmark brought some pine trees to the venue, hoping to decorate it for Christmas for the barbarian global warming alarmists.  They were turned away and told that Christmas has no place at a UN meeting.  I kid u not. 
My point is that the UN has no place in the US, nor do the lairs represented there in Copenhagen.  This morning it’s snowing in California and they want you to think it’s too warm. 
Let me elaborate, not to shed any ill will on the good citizens of Denmark.  Copenhagen comes in a CAN.  It’s made by the U. S. Tobacco Company, and you stick a pinch of it between your cheek and gum.  When you spit the brown juice, that’s what them UN jerks are worth. 
The news of school closings due to snow is pouring in as we speak.  That is urrything you need to know about Copenhagen, and nothing they decide will change the fact that the earth is cooling. 

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