Merry Christmas

Hi guys, I’m writing from the Inner Sanctum tonight.  The land of plenty is a great thing, like at Christmas time.  Three of the CDs in the changer are from a set of synthesizer Christmas music that claims to be Celtic.  The other two are from the John Sheridan Trio (a little jazz piano) and UB40, to break up the synthesizer stuff. 
What happens in the Inner Sanctum is pretty boring to most folk.  They sent me more than 50 samples of Christmas cards.  If only they’d sent that many envelopes.  But I gave up sending cards after 18 years of doing it faithfully… did I already tell you that?  I just ran out of whatever it takes to keep doing it.  I figure if I just do it once and post it in Windows Live, that should be good enough. 
So I took one of the most inspiring samples and photographed it.  Ten times.  In different lighting and in different sizes.  I like the snow on the tree, on the mountains, the boot tracks in the snow.  I like the cabins.  No telling how big they are on the inside.  But look what’s outside!  My very own lake.  And I really, really like the huge, bright full moon shining on the water.  Don’t you? 
So that’s my Christmas wish for everyone.  You might prefer a penthouse overlooking the bright lights of a really big city, or a rolling grassy plain with buffalo, or an ocean view from the ocean, out there floating on the waves, heading toward a cheery town where you can sell your catch to be smoked while you kick back in a warm dry inn with pints of ale, song, and busty wenches that are happy to see you and your mates.  Well, America’s a beautiful place.  More Americans should go see it.  More Americans should live it. 
In 2010 we’ll focus on making it possible for more Americans to live it.  But for now it’s a really pretty picture from the Inner Sanctum.  Now y’all go out there and get merry!

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