12 days, huh?

In my continuing research I found that Twelfth Night, traditionally the night of January 5, is also a time of merriment.  I figured I’d take the lights down on the 6th.  I’m not sure what y’all are doing for New Years’ and I have no plans either.  I started one of my traditions early, I think, which is getting ready for the IRS Form 1040 and other heralds of merriment to arrive in the mail.  It’s always fun to see what I did with the money.  Brings back memories. 
For example, this year I turned in 53 pounds of aluminum cans and received a hundred dollars for it.  Yes, the tax man knows, and I must declare it as income.  I managed to hang on to one of the $50 bills as a souvenir, so far. 
A little environmental news for you.  I like oil.  Really a lot.  I have so many different kinds of lubricants I bet I can’t even list them all.  Here’s a jug of Pennzoil 10W30 for the ’99, which I must get around to in the next few days.  There’s a can of 3-in-1 I’ve been using on the shredder and the air pump.  Here’s a plastic bottle of Butch’s Gun Oil, which I haven’t even opened yet.  Oil is great stuff. 
So imagine my dismay when some of my favorite environmental charities used my tax-deductible contributions to lobby against drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.  I said, What?  How dare you insist that we keep buying oil from the likes of Hugo Chavez!  And I ceased and desisted my support of those charlatans, with letters and e-mails of discontent. 
Well, the mom called me frantically a couple days before Christmas wanting to know what is the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, sponsored by Senator John Kerry D-Massachusetts.  It seems one of her beloved wildlife organizations was urging her to support that.  So I pulled it up on my portable internet machine and we discovered it’s just as bad as the health care monstrosity so she’s finally thinking twice about letting a harmless-looking save-the-birds wildlife club squander her contributions on lobbying for yet another senate bill that threatens to destroy the economy of the United States by innumerable means in the name of saving the planet.  I have done well. 
May your festivities be as productive of good in the coming weeks.

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