a little bit embarrassing

So, Floyd Brown says over Christmas Obama signed off on unprecedented powers to Interpol.  Apparently they can do stuff inside the United States without following the same rules or providing the same disclosures as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  The sovreignty of the people is like whoops.  Who knows how they will use it, but they don’t have to tell us.  The distractions of Christmas allowed Obama to sign this with a minimum of embarrassment, unreported by your favorite MainStreamMedia due to the clown fron Nigeria who roasted hissef on board a aircraft. 
Happy New Year, btw, no accidents here.  Too many arrrests at sobriety checkpoints.  Whoops.  Seems the average cost of a DUI is now around $17,000 plus a little bit of embarrassment. 
In fishing news, I got my 2010 fishing license a couple weeks ago and they no longer require a Bay Delta Stamp to fish waters downstream of Keswick Dam in Shasta County on the Sacramento River and downstream of Nimbus Dam in Sacramento County on the American River.  The stamp used to be around six bucks.  Bob Simms asked a Fish and Game guy what they were using the money for.  The Fish and Game guy said first they would collect the money, and then they would decide how to spend it.  Bob says that pretty much summarizes one of the big problems with government, anyway.  It seems they have about $7,000,000 collected from the Bay Delta Stamp and they still haven’t figured out how to spend it. 
I was all ready to fork over the six bucks, too.  I guess the indecisiveness of F&G is a little too embarrassing so they stopped collecting the money for the Bay Delta Stamp.  It sure would be nice if we could turn off the impending Obama taxes the same way.
Form 1040 is here.  Congress allowed 50 tax breaks to expire at the end of 2009.  I wonder what they were.  It’s just a little bit embarrassing that I haven’t even bothered to find out. 

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