why not blog aliddlebit? it’s sunday

Smile It’s warm enough inside, fog lifting outside.  I understand the rest of the country is pretty much frozen.  The Stove Nazis have lifted their days long ban on burning wood so I might light off the fire in the stove tonight. 
They had a 6.5 earthquake off the coast of Eureka.  Broke a bunch of windows.  Power out in places.  People all over the north state say they felt it. I didn’t. 
New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys won yesterday’s wild card games.  I was rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles in the Cowboys game.  But both games turned out like the ones from last week.  They let Brian Westbrook play a little bit.  He has had two concussions this season and he’s been out for like 8 games.  Also good to see the return of Jeremiah Trotter, but the Eagles defense is not what it used to be.  Perhaps a little more Michael Vick next season.  This season is over for the Eagles. 
Yin the Cat has a cyst.  I thought it might be an abcess but Tammy the Vet says no, and it’s not a tumor either.  Yin is gonna be 21 in April if she makes it.  She was the least adventurous of all her brothers and sisters, and now she’s too old to adventure much.  She outlived all of them. 
I found my Steelhead Report Card from 2009 and mailed it in.  This is one of the ways Fish and Game keeps track of the steelhead populations.  They like you to mail it by the end of January so it’s good I found the stupid thing. 
Long, long ago someone gave me an indoor electric barbecue.  It has a heating element that glows red when it’s working.  I was missing my Foster Farms turkey franks big time so I found some, and barbecued ’em on the kitchen counter.  Watching the Eagles lose wasn’t so bad with barbecued turkey franks. 
Things are growing well in the fog and rain, except for the Bermuda grass, which looks dead.  But there are a lot of indigenous weeds and things that are flourishing.  I fired up the lawnmower, which I understand you can’t do everywhere in America this weekend, and leveled the green stuff everywhere.  Then I sprayed a gallon of Roundup, which actually works quite well in the cold and gloom, all around the edges until the sprayer was empty.  That’s enough for this weekend around here. 
There are still two strings of Christmas lights stuck in the spruce.  I got the third one. 
Some people are really into this 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, so I will tell you my only Elvis story.  Elvis Presley married a girl from my high school.  Yep.  When Elvis was a soldier in Germany he met this colonel’s daughter, and she was pretty hot.  Her name was Priscilla Beaulieu, and he married her.  Now she went to school at a place called General H. H. Arnold High School in Wiesbaden.  I didn’t go there until much later, like 1972, and she was long gone by then. 
With the advent of the internet I found that high school on classmates.com, and they did apparently have one class reunion where Priscilla Presley showed up, post-Elvis I guess.  They posted pictures.  She was still quite attractive. 

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