this pairing thing

Some people, it’s on the top of their list.  I’m more concerned about today’s adventures in the rain.  I don’t want to forget to bring anything that might be important.
Well, I know who I like.  That’s pretty well established.  But yeah, I’ve been watching The Bachelor again. 
I think what colors that plot more than anything else is that it’s produced by Disney/ABC.  You expect nothing less than magnificent accomodations, beautiful cars, enchanted experiences in flawlessly manicured settings.  Jake takes Ali on a plane ride to Palm Springs where they dance on the lawn to a couple of hits played by Chicago.  Really, Chicago the band, all to themselves.
Or the trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, with five of the lovelies, the amusement park being closed off to the rest of the public for the duration of the group date.  Or the photo shoot thing.  Dream dates you could never pull off without the help of a multinational entertainment corporation like Disney/ABC.
So imagine the drama.  Rozlyn, blonde, 28, make-up artist and model from Richmond, Virginia, goes on the photo-shoot date, gets a rose, and Jake likes her a lot.  So what does she do?
Goes back to the landscaped mansion and has a fling with a member of the Disney/ABC staff, of course.  Well!  Chris has to explain all this.  The staffer is dismissed and Rozlyn, blonde, 28, make-up artist and model from Richmond, Virginia, is sent back to Richmond, Virginia, in considerable disgrace on national Disney/ABC TV.  Somehow I don’t think she’ll be back on the "girls tell all" episode. 
So Jake pared ’em down from 15 to 12, with a little help from Chris and Disney/ABC on the Rozlyn thing.  All’s Jake had to do was send two of ’em home, instead of three.  Are you watching any of this?  It’s pretty spectacular (thank Disney/ABC because nobody else could do this quite as well).  Poor Jake still has 11 left to send home!  Argh.
It’s not too early to pick favorites.  Let’s see.  Michelle 25 office manager from Anaheim, California probably should go home soon.  OK, not withstanding the one-on-one with Ali 25 advertising account manager from Williamstown, Massachusetts, with the plane ride and Palm Spirngs and Chicago… I think Jake likes Elizabeth 29 from Imperial, Nebraska a lot. 
I kinda like Ashleigh 25 account manager from North Potomac, Maryland myself, but it’s only Disney/ABC.  Besides, poor Jake… hahaha… he still has the 12 to pick from. 

"Well, there’s something known as American conservatism, though it does not even call itself that. It’s been calling itself ‘voting Republican’ or ‘not liking the New Deal.’ But it is a very American approach to life, and it has to do with knowing that the government is not your master, that America is good, that freedom is good and must be defended, and communism is very, very bad." –National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. (1925-2008)


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