I’ve been hearing a lot about the situation in Haiti, from NewsTalk 1530 KFBK.  They are saying it was a 7.0, everything from shanties to palaces destroyed, maybe half a million deaths.  It’s just huge and horrible.  I haven’t looked it up much, but it’s pretty ubiquitious in the news as it rolls out minute by minute.
No, I’ve been puttering around the San Andreas fault for the last couple of days.  We know a little bit about earthquakes.  There was one just a few days ago in Eureka, right?  Breaking windows, demolishing inventories of fragile things.  One interviewee said she would sell the broken dinnerware fragments to people who like to make mosaics.  I thought that was pretty creative.
Just for perspective and history I went back to the Wikipedia article about the 1906 earthquake that struck San Francisco.  Today they reckon most of the damage was caused by fire from ruptured gas pipes.  They now estimate 3000 people were killed.  I drove through this quaint urban area with tiny residences squished up against each other yesterday.  I really have to get going right now. 

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