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I left off talking about earthquakes a few days ago, but the disaster in Haiti is still top news.  It’s good that we’re providing aid and installing a US presence there.  Better us than Al Qaeda.  Al is good at finding places where there’s mass poverty, no infrastructure, toothless government, converting some of the inhabitants to radical Islam and making more soldiers for Allah.  So it’s better that we’re there.  But Haiti has a long long history of mass poverty and natural disasters and perpetual need.  <shrug>
My Dopper radar is really fired up this morning.  The storm seems to roll south to north.  They say we’re gonna get hosed big time, maybe even lose electricity for a while.  But the Martin Luther King marchers are intent on carrying their message from two of the scariest neighborhoods right on downtown to the convention center, where they intend to have some sort of rally.  Watered down, if it rains as promised.  It’s not really funny that Martin Luther King’s name is affixed to streets where crime is the worst.  <shrug>
Briefly, the playoffs.  New Orleans Saints over Arizona Cardinals, sad but true.  Indianapolis Colts over Baltimore Ravens, that’s nice.  Minnesota Vikings! how ’bout that, over Dallas Cowboys.  I’m not sure why it is I like to see the Cowboys lose.  It’s just a long standing thing with me.  Double ice cream because it’s Minnesota.  And What Is Up With The San Diego Chargers?  New York Jets over the Chargers, In San Diego, on a lovely day.  I’m not annoyed.  The Chargers often choke in the playoffs.  You get used to it.  So who’s left to like?  You pick yours, I’ll pick mine.  Good teams good games good seasons.  <shrug>
It Is Hilarious that the Senate seat vacated by the wealthy elitist drunken loudmouth philanderer from Massachusetts is up for grabs.  Obama cares.  He wants his 60-Democrat majority.  But Obama… don’t you realize that the Republican candidate represents HOPE and CHANGE??!?  Put that boy in there, people of Massachusetts, make your first intelligent move in decades.  Lead the charge of 2010.  I know that’s asking a lot.  <shrug>
I was going to post a hideous picture of the hideous Nancy Pelosi right here but the picture-loading screen was just taking forever to get right.  But there’s a possible answer on the horizon.  Yesterday I found an offer from Comcast for high-speed internet, the kind I always dreamed of, coming in on a coaxial cable, just as fast as you can get without an optical fiber or a T1, for only $24.95 a month for EVER.  So I am thinking about that.  Cable modem cheap at Fry’s.  <shrug>
But first… rain for days.  We’ll see how that goes. 

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