Events U May Have Mist

Saturday night there was a Windows update that snuck into my computer, and perhaps unrelated I was unable to get very far into my Windows Live Sunday night.  So there have been a few things.
Saints and Colts.  The Vikings-Saints teams were so well-matched in that game they went into overtime.  Toward the end I found myself grimacing with Bret Favre as he was knocked down repeatedly, tripped, had guys falling on him, but he didn’t miss a beat.  He limped a lot though.  They taped up his ankle while the Saints had the ball, and went right back out there like nothing happened.  All I could imagine (having already been 40, okay) was how much that must hurt.  But the Vikings lost anyway. 
So I think it’s February 7, Super Bowl, Saints and Colts, and the Who. 
More fallout from the week of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts, only from the Supreme Court of the United States.  In this case the plaintiff was Citizens United.  The law in question was the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law which contained a prohibition against non-media outlets "speaking," i. e., campaigning for a particular candidate within 30 or 60 days of an election, depending on what kind of election.  This raised all kinds of furor about "freedom of speech," particularly at a time just before an election, when clearly that freedom to speak about candidates would be most important, influential, valuable, meaningful, and in keeping with what the framers of the Constitution intended for us.  The Supremes said OK, you can speak.  This is good, no matter what Obama says. 
Jake the Bachelor is breaking records.  He, himself, not the show.  It seems to me that whenever a Bachelor (or Bachelorette) has had a fixed number of roses to hand out, they have always handed out that number of roses.  But not this guy.  Jake seems to be eliminating women a lot faster than the producers intended.  Can they slow this guy down at all?
Last night’s roses:  Camping one-on-one in a vineyard with Gia 26 swimsuit model from New York City, just to see how she’d handle the great outdoors (she’d never sat at a campfire before, imagine that), she passed and got a rose.  Good blanket skills.  But watch this:  Date with two, Ella 29 hairstylist from La Follette, Tennessee and Kathryn 25 corporate flight attendant from Lexington, Kentucky, where Jake had one rose to give.  Y’all remember Jake and Ella went to Sea World where they were joined by her little boy Ethan, and they had a great day.  Well, Jake sent both Ella AND Kathryn home and tossed the rose in the fire.  I never seen that before. 
Group date at Pismo Beach, with dune buggies and sandboarding.  Apparently it is possible to use a kind of snowboard to "surf" down a sand dune.  You learn something new every day.  Jake gives Tenley 25 college admissions from Newburg, Oregon a rose because she seems to be over her ex-husband or some such thing. 
That leaves Ashleigh, Ali, Vienna, Jessie, and Corrie for the rose ceremony, and they gave Jake four roses.  He gives one to Corrie and one to Ali, and then stops the whole process and wanders back to where Chris Harrison is talking with the crew, leaving Ashleigh, Vienna, and Jessie standing there wondering what is this guy up to. 
Now y’all remember I liked Ashleigh 25 account manager from North Potomac, Maryland, but apparently after that group date she wasn’t connecting well enough with old Jake.  And it probably didn’t help any that Jessie 25 cosmetic sales manager from Oakville, Ontario, Canada took Jake out front on the steps and told him how wrong she thought Vienna was for him.  Because you know Jake likes Vienna.
So Jake and Chris come back in to where everyone is waiting, and Chris removes one rose from the plate, and Jake gives Vienna the last rose.  So Jake sent four women home when he was only supposed to send two.  This guy is jammin’.  He’s getting down to the nitty-gritty a little faster than what the producers intended.  Ya think?
Of the four, Ashleigh was the only one who was in tears.  You know, she didn’t want to get up at the comedy club and tell jokes, and maybe she didn’t seem that outgoing, but she was good.  She was "mature," she said.  And Ali positively hates Vienna.  I’m thinking Ali might go next if she doesn’t get her attitude right.  A one-on-one private plane flight to Palm Springs to see Chicago and dance on the lawn followed by a rose date will not save her if she gets all crappy with Jake about Vienna, any more than a day at Sea World saved Ella. 
Well, he’s trying to keep it simple.  I figured you have to keep a few in there that you don’t want, so you can send them home when it’s called for.  But he’s just… letting them go, mercifully or whatever. 
We are one billing cycle shy of completing the first month of 2010.  Usually we get our calendars far in advance, and I was contemplating ordering one of these, but I never did.  This is an unknown retailer, to me, and therefore not a reputable retailer, even though the product seems legitimate enough.  But I did think about it. 
Surely you can see the resemblance. 

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