Smattering With Information

Offhand, I can’t remember ever hearing so much about the contents of a State of the Union address in advance of the address.  I suppose it’s historic, since it’s from a foreign-born non-citizen hell-bent on turning the US into a socialist republic and lying about it right before he does something evil.  I mean that’s historic. 
Shh.  Just go quietly.  NAT   Monster Toyota recall.  I’m kinda laughing.  I did used to own a Toyota.  I bought it second-hand when I was a soldier.  It had front-wheel-drive so it was pretty cool in the snow.  I don’t think I’ll ever own another one, but I know a lot of yuppies who do.  Hahah.
I don’t think I’m gonna get me a Haitian baby.  Nope.  Kinda busy this morning.  One cool thing about blogging here is that it tells you the date.  January 27.  Yep, I’m supposed to be someplace else right now.  I have to ignore all this burp and have a nice day.  Y’all stay tuned and don’t let anything bad happen. 

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