“Out Of It”

Yes in fact I did disappear for a few days and it seems the biggest thing I missed was the State of the Union address.  But I had a wonderful time, saw things, went places, got more ideas, and did things that I never did before.  It’s good to get out of town for a while because very little can ever happen here, it seems, probably, thankfully.
The market took a slight dive, probably in response to the State of the Union address.  The Patriots have a new bumper sticker out now, with the big red-and-white O next to the words "lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground." 
But my head is swimming with the Grammy Awards, a little bit, so I have to say I’m thankful I saw Steven Colbert’s Christmas special, otherwise I’d be OUT OF IT since he got a Grammy for that.  I don’t get a whole lot of video music and cable channels ya know. 
I finally made it to the laundrymat yesterday, where the dryers are very touchy.  The gas dryers are all showing the same electrical problem.  Sometimes the igniter lights the furnace and sometimes it doesn’t.  This requires an interactive participation with the dryer and a few extra quarters.  And since the sun was out some of the day, I fired up the lawnmower for a while.  There’s been so much rain that the far back is now a swamp.  You have to figure out where the water is so you don’t get the lawnmower stuck in the mud. 
Like there’s a post hole I dug a few months ago, and about four inches below the surface is where the water is sitting.  It doesn’t drain very well back there.  I believe I’m hatching mosquitoes.  So after all that I got nappy and the phone woke me up in time to miss Lady Gaga and Elton John. 
Ah, the sheer spectacle of the Grammy Awards.  I promise you I have seen or heard zero Beyonce video music all 2009 but I understand she has diversified into other business besides music, where I guess she’s doing well also.  Nor was I aware that Michael Jackson was so into the rain forest.  What I remember is the Grateful Dead participating in the Rain Forest Action Network and testifying before Congress.  So it’s good, you know, that the highly-paid entertainers have a social conscience, even though it seems to lean to the left a lot.  You have to overlook that a little bit to enjoy things like Katy Perry and Alice Cooper presenting an award, or Green Day becoming a Broadway show (how establishment of them), or Taylor Swift singing harmonies with Stevie Nicks.  Much of entertainment is best understood if you leave the god-awful politics out of it and hope they discover cocaine instead of trying to influence publick policy. 
I mean, it is part of us to play the game and flourish sensibly, realizing that had we ignored the real world and decided to become rock stars that we’d probably be starving, but at the same time, marveling at the ones who didn’t starve very long and played a different game with a full-calendar 20-hour-day passion, so successfully that they have to hire staff and become a corporation.  I mean it’s the American way.  Really, it is.  You risk more, you stand to win more.  I vaguely remember someone singing Alanis Morissette lyrics last night.  zzzzz
I’m comfortable getting up at 4 and drinking coffee.  This is Super Bowl week, ya know. 

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