Saint Jake Megabyte What?

Yees!  Noo?  I’m just glad I didn’t bet on the Super Bowl.  I’d have lost.  When Manning threw that interception I just, whoa, that was not supposed to happen.  But we can all rejoice for the city of New Orleans, or with ’em, however you look at it, no dynasty, first time, you know.  It’s all good. 
Jake the Bachelor is down to 3.  After visiting with Gia, Ali, Tenley, and Vienna in their home towns with their families, gosh, he was going to have to hand out 3 roses, when that dreadful thing we all should dread happened.  Ali got a phone call from her boss or something.  She had to decide whether she wanted to keep her job, or keep chasing Jake. 
I keep running into people who think they know all about being single.  There’s one idiot who married the first girl who ever touched his weeny.  (not qualified)  But this, ah, this is one you always have to respond the same way.  Put yourself in Ali’s shoes for a second.  Jake is looking at four different women.  Ali has no guarantees with Jake.  She was aware of her employment issues before she started the Disney/ABC series.  When you’re up against the wall like this, you have to look at what you really have.  The old saying, "don’t quit your day job," comes into play, rings true, and Ali tearfully extracted herself so Jake didn’t have to hand out any roses. 
The allure of Comcast high speed internet for $25 a month.  Renting a cable modem from Comcast is extra, an additional $5 monthly.  The thing to do, says me, is to get your own cable modem, at Fry’s, so you always have one, even if you’re not using it for a while.  But the $25 goes up to $42 after six months. 
This is annoying.  I’m not a fan of that.  I remember when cable was new here, and my existing service was only 25 cents a month.  I sent them a check for $3 and they didn’t bother me for a whole year.  Now they want nearly $16 a month for the same service that was only 25 cents.  But I am still thinking about it, you know, she promised me 6 megabytes.  (when I know you can get 150 megabytes on a coaxial cable over a short distance)
I never blog about my job, you know, but I’m in the act of swapping bosses.  The old one wants this, the new one wants this, you know.  It’s getting interesting.  I’m sure everything is gonna be just fine.  Oh yeah the wurk is all different.  I like it.
Real quick like… this New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl, for the first time ever, this is a victory that will not fade quickly for them at all.  It’s a really great thing, this One Victory.  I used to live in Kansas City and you know the Chiefs, once upon a time, I believe it may have been 1974 but I’m not sure, you know, Hank Stram, Len Dawson, the Kansas City Cheifs won a Super Bowl.  I will bet you to this very day you can still walk into a store and buy a "World Champions 1974" engraved souvenir whisky glass set, or a sweatshirt, or something, in Kansas City.  So this will mean a lot to New Orleans for a long, long time. 

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