Happy Valentine’s Day where’s the snow?

It’s hard for me to stay glued to the TV for the duration of the Olymic broadcasts.  I just leave it on and see whatever I see.  There seems to be a lot of wet slush on the women’s moguls track.  Unseasonably warm in Vancouver.  If only we could move the snow from the eastern US to Vancouver, to help keep our friends from further embarrassment.  I know.  You want to send groceries to Haiti, and I want to send snow to Vancouver.  What’s up with that?
Men’s speedskating.  I was wondering what would happen if anybody slipped.  Sure enough, in the medal round of the 1500 meters, the three Koreans out front were bumping each other so much that two of them just floated off to the side.  Lucky for Apolo! 
I understand part of the key to understanding what’s going on is to realize that these people compete in similar events all year long, and train and practice like all the time.  Well, they’re athletes.  We get news non-stop about the goings-on in the NFL, but these people we only see once every four years.  It’s the priorities of what gets shoveled at us on the TV, so we’re surprised if we aren’t focused followers of who-all spends all year flying down an icy concrete tube on a tiny sled.  I mean the Daytona 500 might interest more Americans than what’s happening in Vancouver right now.  (It’s on FOX)
Dude, we’re getting sunshine and 60s this week.  I asked the mom about all the people who are getting snowed on back east, and she says they deserve it.  Woohoo! 
I got lucky and wished my honey a Happy Valentine’s Day this morning.  She’s scrambling from one kind of phone to the next since she broke free from the evil Comcast.  But I was persuaded, you know, last night I snuck down to Fry’s and got me a cable modem.  They’re not expensive.  Hooked it up.  Split the cable signal.  Plugged in the ethernet.  It seems to recognize there’s a connection there.  All the lights come up steady green on the modem.  I just can’t get there until the cable guy comes on Friday.  Maybe if I look for a modem driver on this CD that might help.  Endless technology.  Other stuff to do. 
I guess I just want to see what it’s like.  I have lots of toys I don’t play with any more.  Too many forgotten hobbies to list.  I have to make sure I get around to the important ones, like changing the oil on all them pickup trucks whenever, you know, look at the odometers every now and then and see if it’s time yet.  Keep it going.  Feed the cats.  Mow the lawn.  Help the mom.  Speaking of which, you’ll excuse me if I GET UP ah and turn this thing off for a while.

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