Tiger Woods in Rehab

What are you going to say about the remorseful Tiger Woods?  It might depend on your gender.  I know my honey would never tolerate any $#!& like that.  So we’re all walking on eggshells with this guy, and I’m saying it’s not even any of my business.  But they make you look. 
This is Tiger Woods, at the top of his sport for years, champion all over the place, "alpha male" if you will, doing what "alpha males" do.  How am I doing so far?  So he gets caught, splattered all over the press, and we all find out, if we cared to look, that Tiger Woods was going there with an amazing variety of celebrity-accessible women.  Your first reaction to this may depend on your gender.  I think there are a lot of men who wish they could get away with just a fraction of the unauthorized sex that Tiger Woods got, for just a fraction of the time he got away with it. 
Well, you know that the longer you do a thing, the more likely you are to be caught doing it.  So now the wife, the family, the industry, the whole darn world thanks to the MainStreamMedia, everybody is backing off from this guy.  It’s very upsetting, and he has to do something about it. 
One of his options is to do nothing about it.  Let the chips fall wherever, the divorce, the sponsors, keep playing golf, keep being a ladies’ man, ride it out, and he could do that.  But it might be expensive.  But that’s who he’s been.  The other option is the contrite shell of a man you saw on TV over the weekend, having been worked over by the mental health industry, apologizing to everyone for the things he did, that they all found out about, that are the reason everybody has backed off from him. 
What I learned on a much smaller scale is that you can reduce your drama considerably if you just stick to the one woman.  But then, I am not a world famous athlete at the top of my game, picking up endorsements and having access to the women like he did.  I’d say like he does, but you have to understand, having been busted in the press like that, he might have some serious concerns about whether or not he will ever get any ever ever again.  So no wonder he’s apologetic. 
It’s a mess, all right.  It’s a personal mess that’s being played out in the press.  It couldn’t be any more embarrassing.  But for now it seems he has chosen to be apologetic and "get help."  Meanwhile, back in Po Dunk Pennsylvania, Dave the aging amateur golfer is saying, "Get help?  Sure, I’d love it if you’d introduce me to just one of those women.  That would be help."  So there you go. 
I’m done with the topic.  Unfortunately for Tiger Woods, he has to do damage control in front of the whole freaking world.  It seems he is doing this the way he wants to do this.  But honest to God, it never was any of my business, or yours either, probably. 

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