Relapse: Bachelorize during the Games

I know last Monday night I did not see Jake dump Gia.  I was watching Lindsey Vonn ski, or watching Apolo Ohno skate, or watching Plushenko do his quad.  I completely forgot all about the Bachelor.  So now it’s Jake and Vienna and Tenley. 
However, as Disney/ABC is wont to do, they invited allll the women back to their living-room studio to talk about their experience with Jake and the show.  I’m sure there were more than 12, which means, they gathered as many of the original 25 as they could.  But I couldn’t keep track of the 25 in the first place because that’s too many.  But you know who was lookin’ good was Ashleigh 25 account manager from North Potomac, Maryland.  She was lookin’ real good.  You may recall she was one of the seven, the night he sent four of them home.  She was one of the four he sent home, along wth… Ella, and Kathryn, and Jessie.  She was one of the ones that went on the group date where they went to Pismo Beach, and drove dune buggies in the sand, and rode surfboards down the big dunes, and rolled around in the sand for a while.  After Ashleigh went home, all there was left was Ali, and Gia, and Vienna, and Tenley.  And then Ali had that confounding issue with her employer where she had to decide whether to stay or go back to wurk.
You bet it was a conscious decision to tune in to the Bachelor Women-Tell-All instead of the awesome Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.  NBC has been setting all kinds of viewership records with the games.  The games are amazing.  But night after night, you know, somebody is going to go somewhere else if there’s somewhere else to go, and I just knew I was in the dark after missing Der Bachelor last Monday night.  Old habits die hard. 
Of global consequence, of course, is the games.  No Disney/ABC fantasy there.  I’m tired of hearing about the "medal count" but among other things, the medal count signifies what?  How many contenders are on Team USA (a lot).  How we manage to provide for so many people to focus so hard on their sport.  How good our athletes are at what they do.  And you can’t rule out luck, because some of the athletes wiped out in their events, including some of ours. 
I bet Jake picks Vienna. 

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