Why do dey Lie to our Face an expect us to believe it?

Here’s another one.  Orange County Sheriff claims to have approved 90% of something, right in front of people who can show that less of the something was approved than in the previous year.  So they laughed at the sheriff.  This is what’s happening all over the country.  People in publick offices are lying to the faces of their constituents and getting laughed at.  All this laughter is going to translate into something much different before long.
Some wise guy on late night talk radio was talking about the crash of 2010.  Or the recession, thereof, if you prefer.  I think it’s all about credibility, and partisanship, and just flat out deviating from what it is that people were really elected to do.  Or what it is that they were supposed to do, even though maybe they hinted during their campaigns that they weren’t really going to do the good job they were supposed to do. 
I keep getting this $787,000,000,000 stimulus package that was supposed to create jobs, and the unemployment figures have increased since the stimulus was passed.  In good theory, no stimulus package would have ever worked anyway.  Employment goes up as companies have confidence that there will be a demand for what they make, beyond what they can supply with the fewer employees they kept after the last round of layoffs.  If that confidence isn’t there yet, how is blowing the people’s money supposed to help?  Where did it go?  That’s a lot of money.
What’s this "crony capitalism" stuff?  If "the government" comes up with a policy that it would be normally unwise for me to follow, but I do it like they said, and I fall flat on my face, and they bail me out at taxpayer expense, so I don’t fail, even though it appears I should have, what does that say about the policy?  I’m being told to implement a policy that doesn’t work and I get bailed out by the government that created the policy at taxpayer expense.  I got paid to screw up.  How is that cool?
http://www.themountvernonstatement.com/ it seems someone is trying to stand up to all this horsepuckey and I reckon it’s a good idea.  Laughing at them is a start. 
Well some things are just irrefutable so here’s one of them:
First and foremost, the hott factor, but if you work out 8 hours a day 6 days a week maybe this might happen to you.  You ski a lot, you compete, you bruise your shin, you compete some more anyway, you get a gold medal and a bronze medal, you wipe out as do some others, you crash and break your pinky finger, you compete some more and oops that didn’t fly right but you still got a gold medal and nobody can ever take that away from you.  And they better not try, or we’ll all laugh at them. 
Jay Leno is like the luckiest guy in the world, because he gets to interview Lindsey Vonn Monday night.  I have some thoughts on this.  Words are almost optional, really, but you know he’s going to ask about what she’s going to do next.  But here’s what she could get away with, that would be so cool.
First off, Not Sit Down.  Ask Jay to Stand Up.  (Lindsey’s 5’10")  Give Jay a hug.  That should pretty much wipe out any questions he might have had in mind.
Second.  Skip the hug.  Stand so close to Jay that he can see the mischief in your eyes, and ask him if he wants to touch your gold medal.  Then let him touch your gold medal.  That should pretty much wipe out any questions he might have had in mind. 
Make sure if you go to the White House to meet the president that you tell him on camera that he can’t have your gold medal. 

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