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Come on people, aren’t they endangered enough?

The Associated Press says I can’t tell you this.  But I think it’s just outrageous.    Some time ago I posted a picture of Tatiana in the slideshow on my home page here.  Tatiana was a Siberian tiger housed at … Continue reading

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hammering, netbooks, rain, hoops

There are still people driving around with Obama campaign bumper stickers?  Good Lord.  I see them too.    The patriots, not to be confused with the Republicans, sometimes parallel agendas but they diverge on some issues, um, are not letting … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

These fonts all change into something else after you post ’em anyway.  IF you have an old kitty in your lap, and you want to blog… you should put down the keyboard and pet the kitty.  This is because the … Continue reading

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well-timed rude awakenings

This morning I got up when I was hoping to get up, but only because the whole room was wiggling back and forth.  Lil’ earthquake.  Bet it’s on the news later.  It was kinda cool, there were people outside hollering … Continue reading

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Even More Random

Well we got a hot one now.  Love triangle, jealous boyfriend number 1, kills boyfriend number 2, kills old girlfriend, kills himself.  That should really put us on the map.  How did we get blessed with so many idiots.   … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Tidbits

Tomorrow is the day we’re supposed to get up at 2AM and set all our clocks forward to 3AM.  You knew that.  Yesterday I just happened to be listening to Tom Sullivan because the 99 has a radio in it.  … Continue reading

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The Vienna-Haters

Once you train your eyes to see things you’re interested in, they just jump out at you.  If you like Toyota Priuses, you’ll notice them everywhere you go.  You might even distinguish between different years and models and stuff.  That might … Continue reading

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