Thanks to Everybody

Earlier I tried writing about you know the big earthquake in Chile, just a month after the big earthquake in Haiti.  I was wondering how everyone is planning to coordinate relief efforts if we’re going to keep having big earthquakes once a month. 

Like zillions of people, I caught the hockey game, and I’m pleased.  It’s OK with me if Team Canada gets the gold and Team USA gets the silver.  Someone pointed out that until the 2010 games, Canada never got a gold medal at a winter games that they hosted.  I don’t think we’re terribly disappointed in Team USA.  My understanding is that most Canadians were very anxious about this game, and had they lost, they would have thrown their cookies at the wall.  So there’s no telling how many cookies were saved. 

I’m all for saving cookies except on my computer.  Them kind of cookies bother me.  If everyone on Team Canada and Team USA is a player in the National Hockey League, they all know each other, they have all played together before, some of them are even on the same teams, I’m like, hey.  Spare the cookies.

I’m writing sort of an open letter to all my friends in the conservative movement.  They send me so much mail I can’t get to it all.  Right now I’m up to December 17 in the so-called "junk mail" where you get solicited for all kinds of really good causes.  I’m telling you these people are going strong and the democrats in DC will be in for a rude awakening in November.  But for now, I just want to say howdy and let you know I have not forgotten about you.  There are just so many of you with your hands out that I can’t keep up.  But I promise to help you out next month, which starts tomorrow.

I think Chuck De Vore can totally beat Barbara Boxer.

I do not agree with HR45 so please tell that committee I said so.

Newt, you know, I’m going to start collecting all your tax-deductible DVDs and help you distribute them to the illiterate people who don’t know the truth yet about who we are, and who we’re supposed to be.

I still want to be a Golden Eagle so please don’t cross me off your list.

To the Iraq Veteran movement, keep up the good work.  The guys you are up against are total dirtbags and you should defeat them at every opportunity.

To the Minutemen, thanks for helping the Border Patrol round up all those illegal aliens. 

I do not agree that my buddy Rush Limbaugh should be legislated off the air.  If you do, then you are the one who has a problem with dissent. 

To Edwin Meese, you’re absolutely right, this socialist agenda has got to be stopped.

To the think-tank at the Heritage Foundation, right on, I’ll be right with you.

To the guy who was running against John Murtha, well, John Murtha is dead now, so you must be running against someone else.  But it was a good idea. 

That is only ten that I can remember.  As I said, I am backed up to mid-December of last year with all your correspondence, but if that’s any indication, victory will be to the people come November.  Thanks for all your help. 

Is this 50K cross-country ski?  They’ve been doing this for 2 hours?  Sounds like a good hobby to me.  But not something I’d want to compete in.  Boy I don’t know about this. 

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