silence in de city

My coffee kit contains pods of French Vanilla, and Sumatra.  If you travel and are fond of your coffee, you might have a coffee kit too.  Unfortunately when I returned to my room, I discovered there was no coffee making machine.  No carafe, no plastic gurgling mini-Terminator with one red glowing eye to light my way. 

But there is something to be said for dropping a pod in the bottom of your cup and running hot tap water over it.

Morning is even worse.  I crept out of the bed before the alarm went off at 4:30 and carried my cup down to the lobby.  The doors were locked.  No coffee yet.  The street was deserted, but I saw the hopeful glow of blue lights just a block away.  A gas station.  Surely they understand the importance of coffee.  I shuffled back up to my room and retrieved a five dollar bill. 

The cool dark morning presented no one to confront on the asphalt, save one elderly man with a plastic grocery sack.  I greeted him with my redneck "mornin’" to which he replied, to my amazement, "good morning," in a serious Transylvanian accent.  A second man was not so cheerful and said nothing.

The door was locked on the mini-mart, and the proprietor stood inside watching me.  I waved my cup and spoke the only necessary word to the glass:  "Coffee?"  He unlocked the door and I filled my cup.  "How much for the coffee?"  I asked at the counter.  He smiled and laughed and said, "One dollar."  Another Transylvanian.

This is in the middle of the vastest urban sprawl you will ever see.  It’s an island of civility, cool, dark, and quiet, with… rain in the forecast, it looks like… gah. 

Jake picked Vienna.  Now Jake is a real gentleman anyway, and I’m sure he would have kept them all if he could.  Maybe not all.  But the rules say you can only have one, so he zeroed in.  All that talk about uncertainty, can’t explain this, that’s baloney.  When he told Tenley about the spark he was looking for, and that she didn’t have it, but Vienna did, that was as close to the truth as he was going to get.  Because Jake is a gentleman, and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.  He wants to spare them maximum grief.  He could have chosen any one of the top… nine, but he peeled them down to the one in the middle of the bunch, the one none of the others could stand, the one he liked the best. 

I gotta respect that.  The whole time, he kept reassuring Vienna, like he reassured all the others, that she was still in the game.  And they all believed him, just like Vienna did, right down to the wire.  It’s just that Vienna’s wire was longer.  That’s the rules.

I thought for sure he was going to blow them all off like he did that one night, when he sent four of them home.  I thought hey, why not?  Isn’t Vienna the obvious first choice?  I have my reasons.  I totally see what Jake saw. 

As the years wear on, Jake the gentleman will continue to see it.  If it’s me, sometimes I have to look a little bit, but I see it.  The honey factor is real obvious when you look for it.  Hi, honey.


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