Jerry Brown for Governor? Didn’t we already… oh.

What does Jerry Brown bring to the table?  Those of us who remember are rolling our eyes.  That was a different time.  There was prosperity, enough for everyone.  It was OK for those times.  But now?

Jerry was governor before there was a two-term limit.  I guess that means the two-term limit does not apply to Jerry.  But unless Jerry brings something besides union dollars to his campaign, I submit… what were they thinking?  You can vote for your nostalgia, but those were different times! 

The TV is already peppered with Meg Whitman commercials for weeks now, which apparently is a crucial ingredient for a successful campaign.  We may not know for a while.  But you have to ask if Jerry Brown is really the best candidate the democrats can come up with. 

It doesn’t matter.  They are going to campaign their fannies off for Jerry Brown.  You betcha.

Tragic is what’s happening in San Diego since they recovered a body from a shallow grave, believed to be the remains of Chelsea King.  Arrested:  one registered sex offender, said to be a threat to underage girls.  Chelsea was a straight-A student, volunteer, by all accounts a very nice and popular girl. 

LOST makes no freaking sense to me.  They "lost" me a long time ago.  What it is, it’s… likeable characters, it’s understandable reactions, to things we don’t know what they are, it’s a meandering plot, it’s exotic adventure, but in general there seems to be no purpose.  Every character has their own subplot, so that’s creative.  But it still just goes all over the place.  I can’t figure out what’s going on.  I gave up.  I don’t care.  I go sleepy.  I not gonna stay up late tryin to decipher this stuff that can’t be deciphered. 


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