Home, Home Again

First off, I want you to know it’s too nice outside at 9AM to be blogging.  I was looking up a dividend, which turned out to be 96 cents.  But that’s only one of the reasons why we have the fastest internet in the world. 

Entertain yourself by typing http://www.lindseyvonn.com in your browser.  The new website is running since March 3rd, and I do not get why anyone would want a pair of skis with pictures of a talk-show-host’s-face all over them.  I’m thinking it was a gag gift.  So I gagged.  But someone has bid I believe $1700 for them on eBay to help the Haitians. 

Why not just send ’em the skis, I wonder.  o that’s right

She’s selling T-shirts, too.  Might need a little help with what to put on them, but it’s a start. 

I’m serious, the sun is out.  I can deliver some crap to the post office and ride.  I can mow de lawn, which keeps growing.  It looks like a great day. 

So much depends on being in the right place at the right time.  Such as, let’s say, given really bad odds, that Andres bought a Super Lotto ticket and got all the numbers.  Mostly that never happens.  But try another one.  Let’s say Howard was planning to sell his house anyway, and it just happens he sold it about two years ago, at the top of the real-estate-bubble, and made an incredible profit, which he would have been unable to do since then. 

Or let’s say comdude walked into Men’s Wearhouse 20 years ago, bought a suit, and got a darn good job that’s still paying.  So Much depends on being in the right place at the right time. 

Yin the amazing nearly-21-year-old cat is in my lap.  God bless this kitty.  Too bad she can’t go riding the bicycle with me.  I’m outtahere.

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