Even More Random

Well we got a hot one now.  Love triangle, jealous boyfriend number 1, kills boyfriend number 2, kills old girlfriend, kills himself.  That should really put us on the map.  How did we get blessed with so many idiots.
Home Makeover Extreme Edition!  Disney/ABC sends family to Disneyland while bachelorette Jillian Harris helps raze their decrepit… I mean their house was gross.  Reminded me of my bathroom.  If I play my cards right, maybe I can get Ashleigh Hunt to remodel the bathroom. 
Mission Impossible Peter Graves, dead at 83.  Heart attack.  I reckon he lived a good life.  Spokesman for lots of things.  Remember the little reel-to-reel tape recorder that self-destructed in ten seconds?  It just started smokin’ and sizzlin’ and I bet it smelled terrible. 
It almost got warm yesterday.  I rode my bicycle a bunch, maybe an hour and a half, in the afternoon.  Very sunny.  The sun heated the barn by 2 degrees. 
I have not made up my mind about the census.  I’m not sure I want to be counted.  All I have to do is not be here when the census person shows up. 
The last census person showed up ten years ago.  She was cute.  It’s not a bad deal to have a lil’ hottie show up at your barn once every ten years.  Never saw her again, though.  But she was nice.  We talked enough I could have took her census. 
I hope all the people who need to know what time it is, set their clocks forward by now.  I don’t miss the hour.  I’ve pissed away lots of hours. 
Gah!  What is it about all these… hey, what’s wrong with just making sure you don’t end up on the news?  Gah, these people.  Whatever it was, you’re not going to get away with it.  Look at all the idiots they catch.  It’s freakin’ embarrassing.  It’s enough to make you want to avoid the census babe. 


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