well-timed rude awakenings

This morning I got up when I was hoping to get up, but only because the whole room was wiggling back and forth.  Lil’ earthquake.  Bet it’s on the news later.  It was kinda cool, there were people outside hollering about it shortly afterward.  But I just took it as a sign to start brewing coffee. 

Well them celebrity types just have no freaking privacy at all.  Yesterday’s Wonderwall had pictures of the girls showing off their fancy engagement rings.  Poor Dave.  Dave just loves Carrie Underwood, and she’s engaged now.  I’m like poor Dave.  So then I saw Katy Perry’s ring, and I’m like, UGH!  She’s all engaged to that scruffy Russel Brand guy.  So I took Katy off my rotating screensaver up there on the home page and replaced her with five pictures of Ashleigh Hunt.  Maybe excessive.  I don’t know.  So what.  Who cares. 

But it passes for news.  It’s what we like.  Some of us.  I was in the grocery store Sunday and there’s the ubiquitous Jake and Vienna glowing on the covers of a couple rags I’d never be caught dead reading.  I asked Lisa what she thinks about all these Vienna-haters.  She’s like, what?  She doesn’t even know what that’s about, she’s got plenty of real drama in her own life, she likes it like that.  I’m like, well, I don’t lose sleep over the drama that comes in through the TV so maybe that’s better.  You can always turn it off. 

But I know there’s some drama, of the real variety, you can’t turn off.  You can only postpone dealing with it until it’s just a monster snowball fixin’ to roll right over your face.  Yep, I’m aware of that. 

Off to the games.  See you later.


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