Full yet?

The guy behind the counter at the Chinese deli has this habit of stuffing way too much food into the styrofoam tray-pack.  There’s no point in trying to slow him down while he’s doing it.  I suppose I was late last night and that’s why he was trying to clean out what was left of the fried rice and orange chicken into my deliberately small styrofoam tray-pack.  But in the end, it was me who ate it, and sent 35% of the rice to the bottom of the kitchen trash bag. 
But that’s OK, because Obamacare is going to save me.  The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that part of the 2200-page health care bill requires it.  This is what I got on that.
Any restaurant chain, defined as having more than 20 outlets… that would include Olive Garden, Outback Steak House, Applebee’s, the International House of Pancakes, Denny’s, maybe even Buca de Beppo… is now required to list nutritional information on the menu for all their items.  Calorie count, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sodium, you know.  High fructose corn syrup?  WSJ says this affects some 200,000 restaurants nationwide.  WSJ says the law does not address accuracy, however, as restaurants that have previously tried to list nutritional information tend to display lower amounts than what you might actually eat, if you ate the whole thing.
But in the end, it’s you who eats the whole thing. 
  That should give you nightmares. 
Nanny, nanny, nanny, nanny.  Hey.  If you were a Supreme Court judge, would you want to read 2200 pages of health care bill when the case finally arrives in your inbox? 
I just do whatever the little kitty cat says.  Stuff in the dish does not all go into the kitty cat.  Or even the same kitty cat.  Who knows how they work it out.  Next month the kitty will be 21 years old and she knows nothing about Obamaaa.  Not to mention the things you find in the kitty’s inbox.  Blaaaah.
They keep using that word, "historic," as if that makes it all OK.  I think I agree that poop in the inbox is better than poop anywhere else.  I guess if Bob the Cat makes a poop that looks like Mt. Rushmore I should send it in, claiming it’s "historic."  You don’t know Bob the Cat.  He’s quite the sculptor. 

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