I just joke about it, but people are fed up

What’s this?  The FBI is giving Democratic members of Congress advice on how to handle threats and violence?  Because there’s been some?  Because people are angry about the health care bill? 
I can’t imagine that.
I mean, of all the far-flung capers to "succeed," nobody should really notice 2200 pages of legislation squeaking by under the watchful eye of the MainStreamMedia or anything like that.  Gee whiz.  I mean break my f@#n’ heart. 
I mean, how many states’ attorneys general have signed on to the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of this bill?  Has anyone considered what it’s going to take to implement some of its mandates?  It’s kinda ill-conceived, in a country where you can’t make me buy a Prius.  Get real. 
We’re all back to the legitimacy issue.  Excuse me.  I have to go sculpt a monument.  lmao

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