you never get the whole story

 The US Department of Education is investigating an age-discrimination complaint against the University of Connecticut.  Maybe you heard this one.  The student in question seeks a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology and another in environmental studies.  A real scientist, I assume.  His complaint stems from the university rejecting his request to take a class that includes summer field work in South Africa. 

He’s 13.  He’s not old enough to vote, or get a drivers’ license, or join the Army where they might give him the keys to an M1 Abrams tank.  Don’t you wonder if that’s age-discrimination too?  Stupid little f@#!. 

I know.  That was an easy target.  Shame on me.  If you’re old enough to succeed at PlayStation, the real world is right around the corner.  Send him.  His mummy already released liability, paid the freight, and offered to chaperone.  Just send him. 

wee wee chew a merry christmas OH you were looking.


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