hammering, netbooks, rain, hoops

There are still people driving around with Obama campaign bumper stickers?  Good Lord.  I see them too. 
The patriots, not to be confused with the Republicans, sometimes parallel agendas but they diverge on some issues, um, are not letting go of the repeal the health care thing.  What’s surprising in these times is the insistence on a return to original principles, the founding limitations on what the federal government can do.  See that’s going to be where the Republicans diverge. 
The Acer netbook and the HP mini.  Appears Acer has evolved many styles, including a Ferrari model.  Standard 160 GB hard drive.  1 Gig memory?  Three or six cell lithium batteries.  No optical drive, those are external options.  Too small.  Weight under 3 pounds.  It appears the defining feature is the 10.1" screen.  (A little small for me)  Keyboard 93% of standard size.  Prices low and you add the goodies you want.  Well I’m thinkin’.
Well, Sacramento had an ice skating rink, for nearly 70 years.  Saturday night (this is still under investigation) someone decided to torch a stolen car behind the ice rink and the building burned down.  There was no insurance.  Iceland was located in the most ghetto part of town.  But 70 years ago, it wasn’t so ghetto.  It was Uptown.  Now you don’t want to stop even when the light turns red. 
I skated there once, after I got out of the army.  Just once.  It was really old then.  I’m not sure if you measure a place by whether they have an ice rink or not, but that one was old.  If I were looking to build an ice rink that’s not where I would put it.  I’d want a bigger building, maybe in Natomas (excuse me) New Thebes, over there by the Tigris-Euphrates canal.  I’d say Elk Grove but you have to think a little bit… if your population is not inclined to skate on ice due to cultural factors, you know, they never seen ice before, not even in a beverage, well… 
This week rain is promised.  I reckon I’m ready. 

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