Time to STFU?

Well, it might be here.  People being charged for things they said.  People being arrested for things they haven’t done.  I mean it’s OK for a liberal state senator from San Francisco to start an investigation into how much a private citizen is being paid to speak at a state university from the university’s foundation money, if the private citizen happens to be a conservative former governor of Alaska who is somewhat critical of the Obamanation.  Free speech is out the winda, folks. 

And thanks to decades of tree-huggers and feel-gooders getting everything they want from the government, the money might be gone too.  I believe it might be totally time to STFU and figure out exactly which master to serve. 

Oh, it’s just the coffee.  Y’all see Dancing With The Stars last night?  How ’bout that Erin Andrews.  I missed most of it.  I don’t think Buzz Aldrin is going to last much longer, on the show I mean. 

Seriously, what’s the point in getting a netbook if anywhere you post, they drop digital crumbs in your keyboard and nothing comes out?  I mean pfth.  They are out to silence all opposition.  You might as well learn some non-English foreign language so you know what they are saying when they are committing some crime against your person, property, and liberty. 

I kinda wonder if it’s possible to hire a general contractor who doesn’t subcontract to illegal aliens to do the work cheaper than the American guy would do it for.  I wonder if it’s even legal to ask.  I wonder if it would be OK for Cesar Chavez to oppose illegal immigration as I understand he did, because it’s hard to fight for decent wages for your people if there’s other people who will do the work cheaper.  I mean how much of history is getting backwritten to some LOSTdrive so people can’t readily access information on how it’s supposed to be? 

Well.  Diarrhea of the keyboard.  Must be close to showertime.  This is pretty bad coffee. 


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