Come on people, aren’t they endangered enough?

The Associated Press says I can’t tell you this.  But I think it’s just outrageous. 
Some time ago I posted a picture of Tatiana in the slideshow on my home page here.  Tatiana was a Siberian tiger housed at the San Francisco Zoo, i. e., the zoo was supposed to take care of her.  But one Christmas around closing time, some young punky boys were taunting Tatiana, and she decided to get out of her enclosure and eat them.  She killed one and was mauling another when SFPD showed up and sent Tatiana to Tiger Heaven in a barrage of .45 ACP. 
Among other things, this might suggest that the SF Zoo is an inadequate facility for Siberian tigers.
Breaking news that will be public domain in about an hour is that Tony, an old Siberian tiger, somehow fell into the moat around his enclosure and stayed there for four days.  The Zoo became concerned as they saw the moat was filling up with tiger poop so they tranqulized Tony and brought him up on a litter.  A tiger litter, which you might imagine is a lot bigger than cat litter.  Anyway. 
What is it with the SF Zoo?  In most counties that qualifies as elder abuse if it’s your dad.  Come on!  I mean, could this be the new improved bigger deeper moat they dug after Tatiana figured out how to escape?  I mean if it ain’t one thing it’s another with this zoo and their ineptitude with Siberian tigers. 
OK that’s enough.

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