ngng coffee mmmm

Well if you’re a news junkie like me, you may have had your fill this weekend.  Not much said about the health care bill but they are being quiet about that on purpose, and not everyone is being quiet.  That’s probably the one thing that’s going to affect us all, but you know, you got Obama, he’s visiting the troops, he’s issuing empty policy about offshore drilling, he’s trying to distract you from deciphering that 2200 pages of screw job he signed into law. 
Nice earthquake. 
No iPad.  No, I tell you what though, I sent away for a HP mini 210 HD edition netbook.  So far they have shipped the sleeve.  (I got some accessories) 
We had a bunch of wind and rain.  The high-speed was working last night but not now.  Something funny they might fix later today. 
I read a bunch about the Phoebe Prince case in Massachusetts.  That’s just sad.  That’s too much drama you would not want your fifteen-year-old daughter to be dealing with. 
You remember Mr. Natural with the slogan "Keep On Truckin’" they used to sell on T-shirts?  Well, I’m ready to see one with Pope Benedict (or a popey-lookin’ character) with his foot out there, elbows bent, and big hat that says "Keep On Popin’" ya know what, he’s doing a great job.  He really is. 
But that’s all fluff and Easter marshmallow peeps to keep you from thinking about what’s going to happen as this health care bill goes into effect over the next decade.  We are so screwed.  As I was saying. 

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