argh the pain

Seems it was just as bad as the night before.  I might be getting over it.  I called the wonderful medical industrial complex about it this morning.  They can do a lot of things over the phone.  They had a doctor call me back right quick.
First thing he asks is, "Are you taking anything for it?"  And I’m like, "hEck no," you know, my first impulse is never to go looking for things in the medicine cabinet.  Some people have that figured out a little better I guess, being as how the first thing the guy asks me is am I taking anything for it.  So he says I should take aspirin.  Or Aleve, or whatever.  That’s a great help.  I haven’t taken any yet. 
I like it, I guess.  If it’s still bad tomorrow I can call again.  I got up at midnight, you know, searching the WebMD, thinking maybe it’s a kidney infection, and I finished off a two-quart jug of Cran-Grape. 
Take a shower.  You always feel better after a shower. 
It’s gloomy and windy now, out there.  They promised rain.  I don’t see rain.  But it is the kind of wind that sucks the life right out of you if you let it.  The heater keeps coming on. 
Boy the laundrymat is in dire shape these days.  The story is that the owner is going through a divorce, which really was NOT part of the plan.  I’m not sure who did what but most of the washers are not working.  They have soap powder in the bottom of them.  One of the washers doesn’t accept hot water.  It acts dumb until you switch it to the warm setting.  Somebody went through with a magic marker and wrote "no works" on all the dryers.  But I got two washers to work, and one of the dryers, so I know at least he paid the gas bill.  I’m googling laundrymats. 
The post office is still delivering mail, and there’s still gas at the gas station, for a price.  Ah mow de lawn and spray 2 gallons of Roundup.  The news is terrible, as always.  The crazy bitch across the street got her SUV back from the body shop.  They fixed the door so well, it looks brand new.  This morning the wind set off her annoying car alarm and she just let it blare.  She’s annoying.  She likes to be annoying. 
Someone sent me a booklet containing a speech and short biography of General George S. Patton.  It was very short so I read the whole thing before and after the doctor called with his real helpful advice.  It was very inspiring… the booklet, not the doctor.  I should re-post some of it here.  It says Patton (after leading armies to tremendous victories in Africa and Europe) was riding in a car on his way to a pheasant hunt when the driver swerved to avoid a truck, the car rolled, and the general’s neck was broken.  Says he died 11 days later in a hospital.  So that’s what happened to him.  I always wondered. 
It’s sad to think we have degenerated into a nation of scrappy little whiners.  Not so?  Not entirely.  Hello, kittehhh. 

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