Prayer is not unconstitutional, you idiot.

The news item is that a federal judge in Michigan ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.  Incomplete reporting may skew the story you read, to imply that the National Day of Prayer violates the ‘separation of church and state.’  Furthermore the White House intends to issue a National Day of Prayer proclamation since the ruling will not bind until after the appeals are done.

Other sources indicate that the National Day of Prayer as we know it was instituted in or around 1951.  Tradition would suggest that surreptitious federal prayer occurences have been going on since the beginning, as the founders so often made such reference.  The plenty, the harvest, the defeat of the British, for all these things help was asked from God and thanks was given to God. 

This ‘separation of church and state’ is a myth.  The First Amendment only says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" given in the context of old English law which made the Anglican church official and enumerated several rights of Englishmen which were "reduced" in the cases where the Englishmen were Catholic.  We don’t do that here, and that’s not what the National Day of Prayer is about.

The National Day of Prayer is to give thanks for what little or plenty we still have, and to beseech wisdom on the ignorant masses and corrupt politicians on whom we rely for good decent decisions.  It might also be to ask God’s help in keeping the unholy barbarians both within and without from trashing the place.  The practice, if not the day itself, goes back to the foundation of the republic. 

In view of this tradition, the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed suit against the federal government during the Bush administration, claiming that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional.  So now you got the picture.  No one has been required to pray on a National Day of Prayer since 1951.  No one’s bowl of Cheerios was turned over.  It was just a bunch of whiners who don’t like American history being what it is, trying to outlaw God.  Which you can’t do, because the First Amendment says so. 

So it’s ridiculous.  But the White House response is interesting, too.  We are told Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation, but we are continuing the National Day of Prayer.  Makes ya wonder which god he’s praying to in there doesn’t it? 

I just figure they know that the Tea Party people know how important prayer has always been throughout history.  So that’s why the White House said they’d do it anyway.  But if the appeals result in the same ruling, I bet THIS White House will stop.  They are godless, you know. 

So, here’s Patton’s Third Army in the Battle of the Bulge, up against the Germans, trying to get to Bastogne to relieve the 101st Airborne that was surrounded there, and all the weather people were predicting rain for weeks.  So Patton gets his chaplain to write a prayer, and he distributes it on 450,000 post cards to all his troops:

"Almighty and merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee of Thy great goodness to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend.  Grant us fair weather for battle.  Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee, that armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies, and establish Thy justice among men and nations.  Amen."

And on December 23 the sun rose, there were no clouds in the sky, supplies were dropped into Bastogne, and the Third Army pushed though the panzers and on to Bastogne.  But the weather was really bad there.

So, the Freedom From Religion Foundation can like, go to hell, and take that stupid judge with ’em.  They are no fun at all, trying to tell people the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.  I think that BS has gone on quite long enough.  If they don’t like it, they don’t have to participate, but they could kindly shut the hell up, string beads and eat granola instead like the First Amendment says. 


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